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Emanuel Snatager 1953-2020

Founded the Ruth and Eduard Snatager Foundation on March 6 2020.

Emanuel was born 1953 in Kfar-Saba Israel.

He was referred to as “The Man of Strength” by the school’s principal, based on his skills at Shot-Put and other sports in which he represented the school.  He was a top basketball player and led the school team to the city finals. 


After finishing high school he left Israel and went to the Netherlands.  Without even a minimal grasp of the Dutch language, but with a high motivation he  earned a degree in clinical psychology.  


Emanuel did his internship with Eddy de Wind - a psychiatrist who, until then, had only accepted psychiatry students as interns. 

Dr. De Wind had a tremendous influence on Emanuel’s ethics as a therapist who is totally committed to his patients.

De Wind passed away in 1987.


During the time between 1985 - 2019, Emanuel worked as a clinical psychologist in the psychiatric hospital - ‘Centrum 45’ for Psychotrauma complaints and Trauma treatment’. 

He was eventually offered a managerial role but declined,

as he preferred to treat his patients individually and in groups and act as supervisor to other therapists.


Apart from his work in the hospital, Emanuel also operated a private clinic. 

He was well known for his multicultural / multilingual approach.


He established the Foundation to help people in difficult circumstances who with help from the Foundation and others, are able by themselves at their own strengths to (re) build their lives. 

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