Activities 2021

Niroot - the forum for young women's NGO's

Founded in 2011, focuses on central obstacles and issues that vulnerable young women face in their quest for independence and to secure their wellbeing, working to advance institutional support and solutions to dire needs.

The forum thrives to empower and promote young women at risk through policy changes, professional platforms, better accessibility to knowledge and rights and a wider knowledge base and tools for professionals in the field.

Employment - The forum has published a unique research regarding the barriers to employment among young women at risk, the data and the research conclusions are the base for the development of a gender sensitive employment model (GSM),

to describe and produce the most effective tools for providing equal opportunity, lessening social disparity, and promoting social mobility within young women at risk.

The GSM is currently developed with the Snatager Foundation's generous donation.

10 Precent

Niroot plan to donate 10% of this donation to a small nonprofit organization which serves young women at risk.

They will receive from Niroot, the GSM plus professional training for their staff on how to use this tool in order to help the young women at risk to find employment and integrate into the workforce. 

The GSM and the professional training will be given free of charge


Desert Stars

Desert Stars is building a new generation of Bedouin leaders to promote a thriving Bedouin community and a strong Israeli society.

They empower youth to realize their individual and collective potential as change-making leaders. 


The 'Rawafed' Extracurricular Empowerment Center has been in operation since Desert Stars opened their innovative high school in 2016. 

'Rawafed' offers an array of challenging extracurriculars that complement the school's formal studies and expand students' cultural horizons.

Through Rawafed Center, all Desert Stars high school students participate in activities otherwise unavailable to them: arts, sports, science & technology clubs; workshops in leadership and life skills; language skills and regular volunteering opportunities.

The program encourages students to explore their identity beginning at the most personal level and throughout their 4 years at the school expands to include their community, country and even the world.

Only 8% of Bedouin youth participate in organized after school activities, and rawafed is unmatched in both the quality and quantity of its programming throughout the entire Negev region.


10 Precent

10% of the donation was passed on through food baskets to increase food stability for Bedouin families in partnership with the “Yanabia” organization.

Desert Stars students aided in packaging and distributing the food baskets.

Desert Stars.png


Ad'ar is an Arab grassroots NGO established in September 2016 in Haifa, Israel.

The association was initiated by Arab Palestinian activist professionals in the light of a dramatic increase in gender-based crimes against women in the Israeli Arab Palestinian society in Israel; so-called “honor killings”.

Ad’ar’s goal is to contribute to the elimination of so-called “honor killings”/ Femicide within the Arab Palestinian society in Israel and to develop a “Ways of Intervention” for all professionals working with battered women.

Ad’ar is a unique and innovative organization in this field in that its focus is to empower the professionals in the field, working to eliminate violence and prevent the murder of women in the community.

Mostly these professionals are members of the same community as the victims and the murderers and are themselves subject to the same threats as the victims.

“Enhancing the resilience among the professionals in mixed neighborhoods in Haifa-

The Project will focus on supporting and supervising all professional staff and/or activists in the mixed neighborhoods in Haifa, (mixed=Arabs and Jews).

Mainly social workers, but also all professionals and activists who work directly with families and residents of the neighborhoods, will be included in the project, this is due to the difficult political events that occurred in May and shook the trust among residents of the same neighborhoods.

10 Precent

As a 10% donatation, Ad'ar is looking to work with Halisa (empower a group for women) due to the high percent of women's murder in this neighborhood.    



From mid-November until today, Elbahar have already handled over 30 requests of young women (out of the 250 women we work with each year).

Several of them were referred to consultation regarding academic courses.

Elbahar also recruited young women for our two group activities, which will start just after the renovations in our offices will be completed.

At the end of December, Elbahar will start the financial orientation course, with a group of 15-18 young women. The vocational guidance workshop series will start just after, in mid-January / early February.

Throughout 10 meetings, the participants will be provided with tools to recognize their professional tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses.

They will work on developing their self-confidence, writing their CV, and preparing for job interviews.

10 Precent

10% of the donation is directed to food and clothes parcels which we provide to 35-40 families in Jaffa every few months.



Makkom ("a place" in Hebrew) is a non-profit organization, established in 2012, that promotes the integration of young women, ages 18-28, who have no family support. Makkom serves as a community for them, with the aim of empowering them in a variety of ways, including fostering civil involvement and activism.


The Lioness Home, “Beit Laviot”, opened a year ago in order to provide single mothers and their children with support which includes subsidized housing, social support, strengthening the mother-child bond. All the mothers carry with them their past traumas, unprocessed traumas, and with the birth of the child these traumas reappear and arise in connection with him.


The donation is aimed to enable each one of the lionesses to have a safe therapeutic space, suited to her individual needs: Dyadic or individual, psychiatric, hydrotherapy to strengthen the mother-child bond, art therapy – to enable them to process the events of their past and to build a better connection with their children.


10 Precent

10% of the donation will be given to participants to carry out a community event for other single mothers, scheduled for May 2022.

Three participants have started working on the topic with the help of a social work student. Currently the thoughts are on three lecture sessions for single mothers that will form the basis for an ongoing relationship and relief from loneliness between single mothers in the neighborhood.

Hannuka 2021.jpeg

Beith Ruth

Located in Afula, Israel, Beit Ruth is a long-term therapeutic residence and school with a
mission to ensure that vulnerable and at-risk girls, ages 13-18, who have been removed from
their homes by court order due to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, are given the
opportunity to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically, thereby breaking the cycle of
violence for themselves and future generations of children in Israel.

Thanks to the generous support of the Snatager Foundation, Beit Ruth launched a “Vocational
Education & Skills Program” to teach our girls skills toward long-term and sustainable
employment. We are partnering with “Shades of Sweet,” a proven comprehensive job skills
readiness program specially designed for at-risk youth in Israel that uses chocolate-making as a
vehicle to developing job skills.

Through gourmet chocolate making, girls are learning financial literacy and money
management; business practices; marketing; how to work within a team; the importance of
being on time; personal appearance; perseverance; and many other job and like skills, all while
developing a sense of pride in a job well-done.

Sophie, who is 16 years old, said, “It makes me
feel important to learn some money and to learn how to conduct myself in the work place.”

10 Precent

As part of this program, Beith Ruth is proud to have contributed tzedakah to a joint program with Arab girls.