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Policy Plan

The fund will support organizations working both among the Jewish and the Arab populations, as well as organizations with a goal of bringing these two societies together.

Along with the activities described above, the Foundation aims to initiate seminars, and other advocacy actions in order to bring forward the Foundation’s priority issues to the attention and awareness of policy makers and legislators, in order to allocate greater government resources and support to the Foundation’s causes.

In its first year of operation, the fund plans to support the following organizations and activities:


Support of organizations that are working for girls and young women at risk, to enable them to fulfill their potential for a rich and independent life.


Support for a specialized training center for fathers, providing tools for dealing with their divorce procedure and the life after.


Support for a professional center for the treatment of battered women by highly experienced specialists.


Translation of the book which contains the letters that Eduard Snatager received from his brothers while he was in hiding during World War II, as an educational tool for children in Israel to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and draw lessons from this period

Every entity that will receive a grant from the Ruth and Eduard Snatager fund will be expected to carry on donating and give ten percent of the grant amount received to another entity that is in need of support , this corresponds with the Jewish practice to give "a tenth" as charity.

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