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The Board


Ronit Snatager Lev Ari


Born in 1950 in Tel Aviv.

Daughter of Ruth and Eduard Snatager and Emanuel Snatager’s older sister.

Ronit studied Sociology, Anthropology and political science in the Hebrew university (B.A) and Criminology (M.A) in the Tel- Aviv university, where -  in 1979 -  she conducted the first ever empirical research on violence against women in Israel.

Involved, in the prevention of domestic violence in Israel, on a
national scale since 1979.

Ronit established and directed (1983-2000) the department of treatment and prevention Domestic Violence in Naamat- the largest women’s organization in
Israel, with it’s main goals to promote the status of women in Israel and to bring about a change in social policy towards complete gender equality in the family,

at work and in society in general.

Ronit Served as a Director of the Authority for status of Women in the prime minister’s office (2000-2003) under Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon. 


Ronit is one of the founding staff members of Beit-Ruth, village for girls at risk.
She managed the village, that started as a hostel and became a large scale living and treatment complex in Afula (2005-2016).
Since 2016, she manages several special projects in the Beit-Ruth organization,
including the Knowledge Center, Volunteering and Beit Ruth Alumni.

Ronit has two children - Ran (1974) and Gili (1978).

Born in 1970 in the Netherlands. 

Fleur's grandfather, Bernard Snatager, was Eduard Snatagers cousin.

While Eduard emigrated to Israel after the Holocaust and became parents with Ruth to Ronit and Emanuel, Bernard Snatager continued to live in the Netherlands where he founded his family with his wife Wil Snatager - Temming.

Fleur is the oldest daughter of the family's oldest son.

The family contacts remained warm despite the distance and the families visited each other in the Netherlands and Israel back and forth.

Fleur studied social law and works for over 20 years at a government agency where, among other things, she helps employees who are unable to work due to sickness to improve their personal situation in the broadest sense of the word and ultimately helps them to become active again in a suitable job. 


Over the years Fleur also did various volunteer jobs such as assisting refugees as a language buddy and co-director of a Dutch foundation that supports Israeli peace and human rights groups through fundraising and publicity.

Fleur has one daughter who was born on 2006.


Fleur Snatager
Board member


Noga Bachar

Board member

Born in 1946,

Mother of 3 and grandmother of 9.

In the 30 years prior her retirement Noga managed the Na'amat day-care centers in Tel-Aviv Yaffo, in Israel-

A voluntary women's organization that promotes the status of women in all areas.

In addition to her work, she volunteered a lot for the benefit of the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo in a wide variety of fields.

Born in 1955, in the Netherlands.


Jaap is a retired company lawyer.

He worked as a “advocaat” in the Netherlands after which he joined ICI PLC , a UK chemical company as a company lawyer. First in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and subsequently for six years based in the UK.

After these six years he joined Philips, the Dutch based multinational Electronic, Lighting and Healthcare company.

After the selling off of the Lighting division from Philips NV, he joined the newly formed Lighting company by the name of Signify NV, as General Counsel in 2016.

He retired on the end of December 2019.

Jaap has broad experience as in-house lawyer, general counsel, specialized in merger & acquisitions and Intellectual Property.

Next to his Master degree in Dutch law, he was admitted as Solicitor in the UK.

After his retirement he joined the boards of two benevolent funds in the Netherlands.

He also joined a charity organisation in the Netherlands as a participant to help people with physical disabilities to be able to enjoy and take part in social activities. 

Jaap is a father to a daughter and son, and granddad to one granddaughter and married to Loukia. 


Jaap van den Bergh


Gili Lev Ari


Born in 1978 in Tel Aviv.

Daughter of Ronit Snatager Lev Ari.

Dancer, artist and facilitator of interactive workshops for women, teenagers and girls while emphasizing personal development and self-expression.

Gili is multifarious and has many talents-
Confectioner by profession, graduate of ‘Cordon-Bleu’ in London and former employe of luxury boutique hotels in Europe, Gili returned to Israel and worked in the 
most prestigious restaurants in the country.

In addition, Gili is a professional belly dancer who trained with the best oriental dance teachers in the world and performs 

to the delight of various audiences in Israel and around the world.
Gili has studied art and classical figurative painting and works out of her Tel-Aviv art studio.

Gili volunteers for various organizations. among them a support center for Holocaust survivors in Israel and an association for women with cancer.

The board members do not receive any remuneration for the performance of their duties. 

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