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Yearly Reporting

Reporting period 6 March 2020 ( start of the Foundation) to 31 December 2021
( "Reporting Period").

The following information is provided on the website:

1) Name of the foundation the "Ruth and Eduard Snatager Foundation".


3) Contact details

4) Mission and policy plan of  the Foundation (text in accordance with the articles of association see below)

5) Names and positions of the directors

6) Remuneration policy; one board member receives a modest amount for his/her duties 

8) Activity report

Objectives of the foundation:

The foundation's aim is to promote and meet the needs of disadvantaged population groups,

including those in Israel, who have become victims of violence and distress.

The foundation's other objectives are to raise awareness and to deploy resources for effective solutions,

as well as to advocate policy changes, all with a view to the safety and welfare of these population groups,

and furthermore to do anything that is directly or indirectly related to the above or that may be conducive to it,

all in the broadest sense of the word.

Financial reporting for the reporting period:



RESULT -€87,190.

Within the objective of the foundation, the foundation financially supported 7 projects for a total

amount of € 86.000.

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